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Community Giving Special - Autumn 2023

‘In Africa, we are so cultured that you don’t die with your problems when you can appeal to the community and solve that problem together. Everyone born in Africa is a member of a community and the larger family.’ These are the words of Tom Were, a researcher working on a PhD that delves into the concept of Harambee. In Swahili, Harambee translates to ‘all pull together’ and serves as Kenya’s official motto. 

It is a cultural touchstone deeply intertwined with the country’s historical struggles and ongoing socio-economic development. In this special edition, a collaborative effort between Vice Versa Global and Vice Versa, we delve into the world of giving. What trends do we observe in Africa, as well as other parts of the world such as Brazil and Nepal, when it comes to giving and community philanthropy? What motivates individuals to contribute to various initiatives and projects? 

As described in the overview story in this issue; ‘Community philanthropy encompasses all forms of giving—in money, time and in-kind—originating from within the local community. This type of giving yields more impactful poverty reduction, as sustainable change can only be achieved when driven by the communities themselves. Community giving aligns with the rich cultural and religious traditions of Africa, emphasising solidarity and generosity towards family, friends, and neighbours. Examples include Harambee in Kenya, Ujamaa in Tanzania, Ubuntu across the continent and Al Ounah in Palestine.’

In this Edition...

Africa’s rich tradition by Marc Broere

'Everyone born in Africa is a member of a community and the larger family'

Tales from the island by Cynthia Omondi

The power of communities coming together with a purpose

Local philanthropy by Eva Nakato

Strengthening communities through giving

Change the game by Bram Posthumus

Breaking the chains of donor dependency

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