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Your contribution to the Community Journalism Fund is more than a donation

It’s a partnership in shaping the future of storytelling in Africa. Together, we can ensure that every voice is heard and every story is told.

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Donate Books

We’re building a collection of books that will serve as a wellspring of inspiration and information for our journalists. By donating books to our media organization, you’re not just giving stories; you’re investing in the growth and depth of our reporting.

Every donated book becomes a resource, a reference, and a catalyst for creativity in the media organisation. Whether it’s a classic novel, a groundbreaking non-fiction work, or a specialized guide, your contribution will fuel the minds and imaginations of our team. Donate a book today, and help us write the next chapter of impactful journalism. Thank you for your generosity and support

Donate Journalism Equipment

Vice Versa Global - Donate Journalism Equipment

Imagine a world where every story is heard, every truth is revealed, and justice prevails. 

However, the path to social change is not an easy one. It requires more than just courage and determination. It requires resources. Modern journalism equipment – laptops, cameras, microphones, first aid kits, electronic devices, office furniture & fixtures, vehicles, drones and phones – are essential tools in our mission, enabling us to research, document, and share the stories that need to be told.

This is where you come in. Your generous donation of journalism equipment can make a world of difference.

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