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Special Editions

Our special editions are dedicated to specific topics, providing readers with in-depth exploration, expert insights, comprehensive content, and timely relevance. Our special editions offer educational value and encourage reader engagement. The content caters to passionate readers and also serves as an important source of information on a particular subject for casual readers. This focused approach enhances the overall value, making them highly sought-after by readers interested in the featured subjects. So far we have published two special editions:

In our very first edition-the gender based violence
special edition- we carry out a comprehensive
exploration of the multifaceted issues surrounding
gender-based violence. It’s an in-depth examination
that sheds light on various aspects related to GBV,
aiming to raise awareness, provoke discussions,
and advocate for change.

In our second edition, we talk about Africa and her food basket. We highlight answers to questions on whether Africa can feed herself. We delve into what is happening toward achieving food security, challenges faced and solutions found. 

More Editions

Community Giving Special

‘In Africa, we are so cultured that you don’t die with your problems when you can appeal to the community and solve that problem together. Everyone born in Africa is a member of a community and the larger family.’ These are the words of Tom Were, a researcher working on a PhD that delves into the concept of Harambee. In Swahili, Harambee translates to ‘all pull together’ and serves as Kenya’s official motto.


FFP Special

In this special, we want to inform and inspire people to contribute to making the forthcoming FFP relevant and impactful. Wonderful examples abound in this magazine; not only from women, but also from men who are championing feminist principles. As Vice Versa Global, it is our norm to share compelling stories that inspire change and champion opinionated youth in a variety of vital issues that effect constructive and lasting change in our society.


Indulge in Vice Versa Global's Peace Nexus Special Edition Magazine! for Spring 2024