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Vice Versa Global Magazine - Zero Hunger Edition 2023

Charting the continents path toward food security

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Zero Hunger - Special Edition 2023

We are excited to present to you yet another Special Edition. It speaks true to the words of the African Development Bank president Dr Akinwumi A. Adesina; Africa can and must feed herself. In this special edition, we capture an inspiring journey through the challenges and creativity of various individuals, communities, and organisations. Through this, a diverse tapestry emerges, highlighting our shared mission of achieving food security. With each lens focused on local heroes, we capture initiatives that embrace traditional wisdom. We then fuse it with cutting-edge technology, demonstrating that progress can be rooted in heritage while embracing the future.

This edition unveils a vibrant narrative that extols not just the hurdles faced, but the resourcefulness and determination that fuels transformative change. A narrative that inspires a shift in perception and portrays Africa as a continent of solutions rather than problems.

In this Edition...

Why it is #morethanjustafishhead for me by Elizabeth Kameo

Unknowingly, even as children growing up in an African country, we ensured we had the recommended fruit intake to stay healthy.

The power lies in the hands of the small scale farmer by Nicera Wanjiru and Elizabeth Kameo

The formal seed system often overlooks their needs, with indigenous people, and smallholder farmers—especially women-having little input in the plant breeding process

The ‘rich feed the poor’ mentality needs to CHANGE by Tina Byaruhanga

As the clock ticks, the big question remains: Will Africa achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2 - Zero Hunger?


There is a captivating story of empowerment and change unfolding on Rusinga Island. Donkeys are emerging as the unlikely heroes in the lives of the local farmer women.

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