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Society is bound by stories, so how you tell a story can influence the world.

Positive stories are powerful stories that need to be told. Vice Versa Global believes in the transformative power of a positive story best conveyed from a youthful perspective.

It is at the core of our endeavor to bring you the best, original, and untold positive narratives from the African continent and beyond.

Together let’s influence societal change one story at a time.

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I would like to thank vice versa media for covering my story in June 2021 as told by the very passionate Cynthia Omondi.

By telling my story, the magazine has not only helped inspire some young people who are in the same situation I was in a while back but it has motivated me to continue and do better.

Thank you for telling our stories, thank you for inspiring us and by so doing giving hope to many more.

Nancy Obonyo

The Nalelek Collection

I've spent the last year working to increase awareness of epilepsy, but it never occurred to me that my narrative of enthusiasm and resilience would influence people's perceptions of this condition.

When it initially appeared in Vice Versa Global Magazine, it not only gave me the motivation to continue, but it also opened up new options for me as a result of individuals reading and contacting me to learn how they might help further the project.

I was recently interviewed on Hot 96 Radio by a renowned senior Kenyan journalist Jeff Koinange after posting a link to a story covered by Vice Versa Magazine.

Fredrick Beuchi

National Epilepsy Coordination Committee

I would want to express my gratitude to Vice Versa Global Media for covering my story in June 2021 via Madame Cynthia Omondi.

This article taught me that people are watching our activities, and it has left an indelible impact on me and served as a source of motivation for us to continue our dedication and fight for justice and democracy in our country and continent.

Jacques Issongo


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