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In the ever-evolving landscape of information, it’s undeniable how stories and narratives hold the immense power to shape our perceptions and influence our understanding of the world. One need only looks at the consequences of misreported event to comprehend the immense impact storytelling holds.
The power of media in crafting these narratives is profound; it has the potential to illuminate
truth, but also to distort it. Yet, amidst this duality, lies a transformative potential: media, when harnessed wisely, becomes a potent tool for
social change, capable of reshaping the world we live in.

Vice Versa Global believes in the transformative power of solutions Journalism, best conveyed from a youthful perspective. It is at the core of our endeavor to bring you original, untold and context based narratives from the African continent and beyond.


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Who We Are

Vice Versa Global is dedicated to delivering fresh, authentic stories about Africa, with an aim to bridge the gap between existing perspectives and the African reality.
Our unique approach of telling stories allows you to see African through the lens of solutions and through the eyes of the African Youth. Our spotlight is firmly on amplifying their voices on vital issues, offering insight into their unique perspectives and igniting their voices on the global stage. Our stories foster global solidarity, forging connections and deepening understanding of the social, cultural, and political dynamics that define our continent.

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