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Our Latest Edition

My Story, My Voice by Nicera Wanjiru

Every child deserves to grow up in a society free from harm and danger. Unfortunately, gender based violence affects women and girls disproportionately.

The Silent Pandemic ... by Florence Machio

What are the current trends in gender-based violence? Vice Versa Global spoke to activists to capture emerging global trends on matters GBV.

Benins Toll Free Number by Elizabeth Kameo

Cases of violence and harassment in the workplace are still very prevalent and appear to be intensifying. Sadly, its victims choose to remain silent ...

Justice for GBV Survivors ... by Emmanuel Mandebo

The Busoga sub-region in eastern Uganda has continuously appeared in the news for many wrong reasons.

Beyond the Scars by Eva Nakato

At only nineteen, Kirungi Linneti became the victim of an acid attack from her exlover. She turned tragedy into triumph by rising above the scars...

Time to Decriminalize Sex Work by Cynthia Omondi

Sex workers, a majority of them women, are at a high risk of physical and sexual harassment, and violence. With policies that criminalise their profession still in effect ...

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