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Vice Versa Global Magazine - Peace Nexus Special Spring 2024

A new perspective to thrive: How humanitarian aid, peace, and development are now linked into a trinity

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Peace Nexus Special - Spring 2024

In this edition of the magazine, we delve into pressing questions surrounding radicalization, polarization, and violence that are increasingly relevant in today’s world. From the Sahel to regions like Burundi, South Sudan, and Yemen, conflicts fueled by extremist ideologies are rampant, plunging communities into despair and instability. Governments often struggle to maintain order, leading to interventions by controversial groups like the Wagner Group. Meanwhile, right-wing populist leaders gain ground in various elections, signaling a global decline in democracy.

This Vice Versa Global Magazine also explores the evolving landscape of international cooperation in addressing these complex challenges. Traditionally, humanitarian aid, development cooperation, and peace-building efforts operated in silos. However, there’s a growing recognition that tackling global issues requires a holistic approach, termed the Peace Nexus. By bringing together diverse stakeholders from government, civil society, and academia, this approach aims to address the root causes of conflict, including socioeconomic disparities and lack of opportunities that make extremist ideologies appealing.

Collaboration lies at the heart of this edition, spurred by the initiative of ZOA and Vice Versa. Through a symposium and contributions from various organizations and knowledge institutions, this edition sheds light on innovative approaches to peace building. While progress is evident, challenges such as fragmented funding and organizational inertia persist. Nevertheless, the publication seeks to foster dialogue and encourage greater collaboration among stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of breaking down barriers to create a more cohesive and effective response to global conflicts.


In this Edition...

Democracy Under Scrutiny Text by Bram Posthumus and Artwork by AbdulWadud Bayo

Understanding the forces that propel nations towards autocracy. This article poses the question, concerning fragile and conflict affected states ...

Redefining Aid by Cariene Joosten

Bridging gaps in humanitarian, development, and peace efforts. ‘Critical voices don’t believe in the fact that politics should be involved in humanitarian activities’

Cultivating Change by Nicera Wanjiru and Elizabeth Kameo

Women’s economic independence in conflict resolution. ‘If they have not dealt with the past violence, they will not be ready for a peaceful future’

Burundi’s path to certainty by Emmanuel Mandebo

A journey through Burundi’s peaceful land resolutions. Resolving Land Disputes in Burundi’s Post-Conflict Era

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