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Community Journalism

Community journalism is a form of journalism that emphasizes coverage and engagement with local communities. It focuses on news and stories that are directly relevant to the lives of people within in the community and at the grassroots level. This type of journalism prioritizes local events, issues, and interests, often overlooked by larger, mainstream media outlets. As community journalists, we have the privilege and responsibility of being the bridge between these voices and the wider world.

Our role is not just about reporting the news; it’s about being deeply embedded in the fabric of our communities, understanding their unique challenges, and celebrating their resilience. We are the ones who walk the streets, knock on doors, and listen to the untold stories that deserve to be heard.

Vice Versa Global - Community Journalism Matters
Vice Versa Global - Community Journalism Matters

Our key role is to not only shed light on local issues but also to connect them to broader global conversations. We understand that the challenges faced by our communities are often interconnected with wider societal trends and global dynamics. By bringing these local issues into the global discourse, we ensure that the voices of those directly affected are heard and considered on a larger scale. Our storytelling goes beyond as we are actively shaping narratives that portray our communities, our countries, and Africa as a continent in a positive light.

Why Invest in the Community Journalism Trifecta

Community Journalists in Africa face a myriad of significant challenges that impede their ability to contribute effectively to the broader African narrative. One of the most pressing issues is the lack of access to essential resources and technical equipment necessary for storytelling. This scarcity extends to basic journalistic tools such as cameras, recording devices, and even reliable internet access, which are crucial for gathering, producing, and disseminating news.

The community journalism trifecta is a model for supporting individual journalists by providing access to spaces, equipment, and financial empowerment for journalists in Africa to address the critical barriers to effective journalism.  It is also about uplifting entire communities and contributing to the greater African narrative as this model empowers journalists to produce work that resonates with their communities, promotes democracy, and ensures that the diverse voices of Africa are heard on the global stage.

Community Journalism Fund

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